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Hua Hin Property Direct along with their sister companies Hua Hin Developments Direct and TCH Hua Hin Property Agent are moving with the times and are bridging the gap between direct internet sales and a conventional Property Realtors business, giving both sellers and buyers the choice of how they wish to sell or buy a property. The commission level is charged in relation to the amount of work and expense we have as an agency, thereby putting the needs and interests of the client first.

As with most items “For Sale” worldwide, the property market is moving more and more into the realms of the internet and with so much information available to buyers it really is only a matter of time before direct internet property sales becomes a normal practice. The fastest growing property agencies around the world are internet based companies.

FREE to List Property
No Sales Commission to Pay

Yes you read that correctly, it’s Free to list your property or development on this site allowing direct contact from buyers to sellers and No Sales Commissions to pay if you sell your property or development to a buyer who contacts you directly through this site. is a free listing site for properties in the Hua Hin / Cha Am / Pranburi area with No Commission Payable on direct contact sales.

Without having to pay a sales commission this will allow the seller or developer much more flexibility to negotiate a price with the buyer to complete a sale, making it a win win situation for both the seller and the buyer. We believe that Hua Hin property owners and developers should have the option to list their property for Free on a professional site and our goal is to create the largest, centralized MLS (Multiply Listing Service) of private listings and developments in the Hua Hin area.

Listings on this website are restricted to private individual sellers and developments only, listings from other sales agents are not permitted and will be removed from this site.

How it Works?

For Buyers

Please feel free to view the properties and developments, including many property video’s listed on this site, click on any listing and fill in the contact form to email the sellers direct to make your own viewing arrangements. If you like the property you can negotiate a price and then contact the legal company of your choice, or contact Legal Services Hua Hin as listed on the Information page of this website.

For Buyers who would like to view a range of properties listed but would like the convenience of using Hua Hin Property Direct to make the viewing appointments for you, to collect you and escort you personally to the viewings, then please contact us with the reference numbers of the properties that you would like to view. You would then have the comfort of using our local knowledge and experience to advise you on the property, the area and if we think that the property is priced correctly; remember sellers can list their property at their own valuation which may not be at market price. We make the viewing and buying process less stressful.

Please read the article Should I Buy Direct or use an Agent as listed on the “Information” page of this website.

Buyers please be aware that Hua Hin Property Direct offer their services at a fixed fee of 3% commission paid by the seller.

Contact Me

Scott Beecham

Marketing Manager

Phone: +66(0)927605589

Send a Message

Send a direct message or call me if you have any questions about how it works and listings.

For Sellers

We require sellers listing property on this site to agree to the 3% sales commission payable on any completed sale where Hua Hin Property Direct has been requested by the buyer to arrange and accompany them to the viewing. Sellers can also request to use the services of  Hua Hin Property Direct to arrange viewings. If for example the seller is out of the country or they would rather use the services of a real estate company than go through the sales process with potential buyers themselves then  our services can be requested.  The 3% sales commission would be payable by the seller on any completed sale so please take this into consideration when listing your sales price.

For Developers

Developers please feel free to list your development on the free section of this website or alternatively to get maximum exposure you can also have your own full page listing under the “Developments section, this still gives your companies direct contact information so no commission to pay if a buyer contacts you directly. A 3% commission is payable by the developer if the buyer arranges a viewing through Hua Hin Property Direct.

Please note that there is a quarterly charge to list in the Developments section, contact us for further information.

TCH Hua Hin Property Agent

We Pay the buyers legal fees when the buyer engages our services.

TCH Hua Hin Property Agent use the services of Legal Services Hua Hin and cover all costs related to the due diligence required to ensure the buyers interests are protected when purchasing a property, as good legal advice and buyer security is of paramount importance to TCH.

TCH Hua Hin Property Agent will at their own discretion select a range of properties to market on their website and offer a full real estate service of taking professional photographs and completing the listing, we also supply free of charge a “For Sale” sign to display outside of your property. We will only list a limited number of properties on this site and will actively promote these properties to find a buyer using all the tools available to us and we will accompany any potential buyers for viewings. We limit the amount of properties on this site to be able to concentrate our efforts on being pro-active in finding a buyer; we put time and money into promoting these properties. We request that to use this service the direct contact form on the free listing at Hua Hin Property Direct will be forwarded to TCH Hua Hin Property Agent and not directly to the seller. We charge a sales commission of 5% for any completed sales generated through TCH Hua Hin Property Agent.

We will also offer to sellers listed on the Hua Hin Property Agent website the option of accepting a 6% sales commission if we co-broker for a commission share through one of our many affiliates worldwide to complete a sale in a shorter period of time. Please note that this service is optional to the seller.


If a sale is generated directly though either Hua Hin Property Direct or Hua Hin Developments Direct then there is no sales commission to pay. If the services of either Hua Hin Property Direct or Hua Hin Developments Direct are requested by the buyer to arrange the viewing then a commission of 3% would be payable. If a sale is generated through TCH Property Agent who actively promote properties and developments through their own website and offer a full real estate service then a 5% sales commission would be payable and TCH will pay the legal fees of the buyer and 6% if co-brokered through one of our affiliates worldwide.

Commissions:  Free – 3% – 5% – 6%

The commission level is charged in relation to the amount of work and expense we have as an agency, the less we charge the more scope sellers have to reduce the sales price to buyers, thereby putting the needs and interests of the client first.

For sellers listing on “Hua Hin Property Direct” increase your chances of a sale by displaying a “FOR SALE” sign

We will prepare and deliver a sign to you for just 1,000 Baht

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฿ 4,000,000
130 m2
September 13, 2019

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฿ 15,000
3,200 m2
July 26, 2019